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Education, not restriction, is key to reducing harm from offshoregambling

University of  Sydney They can offer types of gambling that are restricted on a domestic site. The more diverse options they offer makes them attractive to some consumers. However, this lack of regulation means these consumers might not be protected from potentially harmful practices that they would be safeguarded against if the site was licensed in Australia. Our recent study examined the profile of consumers who use offshore sites as a way to improve understanding of consumers and their motivations for doing so. This is an essential step towards encouraging consumers to use protected, licensed sites. We surveyed 1,001 Australian adult internet gamblers (57.2% male). They were asked about their online gambling behaviours, use of offshore sites, reasons for selecting those sites, awareness of regulations and experience of gambling-related problems, as well as demographic information. In our survey, we found just over half (52.7%) of the participants had gambled on offshore sites in the past month. Both groups of gamblers (domestic and offshore) had relatively low concerns about where a site was regulated. The most common reason for choosing sites was ease of use. Overall, offshore gamblers displayed a preference for domestic sites.

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